Grexe provide cost effective solution by using smart, excellent and expert resources. It’s a full-service custom application development and software consulting company based in Fremont, CA offering services in the areas of Network security, Database application, GUI application, custom web application development, and Quality services.

Why Choose Grexe?

Our focus on R&D and innovation helps us in leading the technology revolution. As a product engineering partner, we continuously add value by bring in latest tools, processes and ground breaking technologies as your R&D partner. We are always ahead of the curve:
Client’s Branding: We brand the teams in our partner’s names to ensure that there is a better integration between all the team members regardless of the location and title.
Proven Processes: We focus on utilizing proven processes and methodologies to ensure continuous success and bridge any foreseen gaps.
Quality and Scalability: Quality is the supreme factor for any of our services. Our partners, projects and portfolio speaks all about our services.
Transparency of Operations & Communication: We have a close relationship with all of our clients to ensure that our operations and processes are transparent to you. We believe that our flexibility to change makes a huge difference in our offerings. Speak with us to discuss why this adds significant value.
Value Driven: We ensure that all our team members are always thinking about the value they should deliver every day and on a regular basis.
Mission: Deliver robust software solutions using reliable technologies to lead our clients towards business profitability.
Vision: Add values to our clients, employees and investors.
- Loyalty and Pride in Our company
- Be the person others choose to follow
- Strict Adherence to commitments
- Be Perseverant, Innovative, and Proactive
- Ensure speedy response
- Foster Learning creativity and team work